Desk Tidy Swap Shop: Wine Glass Car

Here’s a wine glass that has a little car on its base.

It’s really nice. But it’s been sitting on my desk for 4 and a half years now. I need to tidy it away. I should really just throw it out but I can’t bring myself to do it. Someone must have a good home for it…

Anyone fancy swapping it for something that’s sitting on their desk?

I know that kind of defeats the object of tidying up, but a new bit of tat will make me feel better about getting rid of the old one.

Damn I’m so rubbish at tidying.

12 thoughts on “Desk Tidy Swap Shop: Wine Glass Car”

  1. Ooooh, I’d like the glass!
    Things on my desk I’m at liberty to swap are:-
    1. Half finished Innocent smoothie from Tuesday
    2. Two satsumas
    3. A paperback called ‘Fierce People’
    4. Useful Tupperware box
    5. Empty Save the Children collecting tin
    6. Peppermint teabags
    7. A plastic spoon
    I’m prepared to swap ALL the above, for said glass. If you’ll come and collect it from my desk. Deal?

  2. You’re not allowed it. It’ll just end up at home as part of our collective junk stack ;-)

  3. I want evidence that there’s a botlle of Brut (is it Brut ’33?) on your desk. Then I might consider it.

  4. How about a stick of Brighton Rock?
    Condition: Unused
    Colour: Orange and Yellow
    Suitable for: Pointing at things

  5. You won’t belive it but I’ve the same on my desk!
    But even worse mine is broken, I mean the glass is almast gone away …
    just the little car with a couple of glass tips where I hang notes .

    I’d love to have a “brand new” one.


  6. Errr…. “Empty Save the Children collecting tin” I hope there’s nothing funny going on there…

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