Live Internet Streaming Man

Pretty soon we’ll all be like this. Photo from KK+ on Flickr.

UPDATE: If you want to do live streaming from your phone keep your eyes peeled for Flixwagon. Eran popped by with news of a soon-to-launch startup, see comments for more.

4 thoughts on “Live Internet Streaming Man”

  1. Why be a fashion victim, Although we planned on going public in a few weeks, I could not resist commenting on such a post… pretty soon you will do live internet streaming from your mobile phone using ;-)


  2. Hang on, isn’t he one of the gargoyle guys out of Snow Crash? I hate it when my reality gets fictional.

  3. He’s streaming the whole Internet live? Wow!

    Or is he just streaming his tedious life via video onto the Internet? And why’s he got a webcam strapped to his cap when he’s got a jolly nice camera in his hands?

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