Bad Interface Destroys Retail Opportunity

It was the last line on this machine that stopped me in my tracks:

Condom Machine

It’s obviously supposed to tell us something about the contents of the machine. But it doesn’t actually help at all. This rather odd ‘Nominal Width 53mm’ raises far more questions than it answers.

Very poor labelling.

5 thoughts on “Bad Interface Destroys Retail Opportunity”

  1. I’m quite encouraged that you are reading all the text on a condom machine and finding confusing communication. Never stop questioning. It’s great that you’re so focused on your vision / mission. That sounds really lame…sorry.

  2. Well I didn’t want to say that. he he he.
    But it is good to care, otherwise you are forever cruising in the middle lane, which is rubbish. You need to feel and get angry / happy. It’s all about the peaks and troughs otherwise you’re not really alive.

  3. Reminds me of that Bottom sketch when Richard and Eddie are buying rubbers in the pub toilet:

    Eddie: “Ok, here we go. One ribbed condom coming up. BAGS ME BEING FIRST GO EDDIE”

    Richard: “No, no Eddie. Get two?!”

    Eddie: “Two eh?! WILD man!”

  4. Hear Hear. The last thng you wnat to be is “cruising” in the middle lane, reading condom machines in public toilets and not caring about the user experience.

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