Mini – Lunchbreak Moonwalking

Mini Moonwalk

Yesterday I blogged about – Mini’s really nice lunchtime learning sessions.

I managed to get along to the ‘Learn to Moonwalk’ session and it was great!

Sorry about the rubbish quality – my phone video camera just isn’t good enough…

A free lunch and a thoroughly entertaining lesson in the moonwalk – I’m still not an expert, but I’ve got the knowledge and the building blocks ;-)

Thanks Mini and everyone involved (Faris tells me that it’s Momentum who are responsible).

And get this: I blogged about it because I really liked it and experienced it. Not because anyone asked me to.

One thought on “Mini – Lunchbreak Moonwalking”

  1. That is brilliant.

    And now you can, forever more, say you’ve been taught how to Moonwalk. I think that’s pretty cool.

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