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I don’t know why I love JML, I just do. It’s something about their no-nonsense straightforward approach. As well as the fact that all their products are miracles of modern innovation!

Next time I’m confronted with a bunch of people fawning about how Innocent are soooo great I’m going to pull JML out of the bag, and talk about their joined up approach to marketing and retail kicks ass.

I love the fact that their ecommerce site has little infomercials instead of product images. It’s just like the shelf ends in Robert Dyas or Woolworths where they’ve got a little telly playing ads non-stop.

And does it work? Well I bought some Doktor Power environmentally friendly cleaner. So yes, it works.

One thought on “JML on the Internet”

  1. My theory on JML is that it’s technology spin-off from some volcano-based evil genius group, and they have found that it’s easier to fund their network of spacelasers from selling superabsorbo-mops than any other type of racket.

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