Saving the World One Design at a Time

Ben’s blog is always great.

But here’s a bit of greatness that you should make a special effort to read: I’m a designer, use me better – it’s Ben’s presentation from the Applied Green conference.

It’s just dead good. It shows that designing more stuff isn’t the right way. Designing better stuff is.

And his cheeky video intro is funny:

Read it

2 thoughts on “Saving the World One Design at a Time”

  1. we saw the whole conference and although he did have a bit of a point about better design, overall it felt a little light compared to some of the other discussions/ideas. there are bigger issues out there other than just designing stuff ‘better’ and we wondered whether the way ben kind of dismissed this, and suggested that human behaviour change was unrealistic, didn’t actually do a lot in terms of encouraging businesses to use designers more effectively when confronting these problems. History shows us plenty of examples of human behaviour change (womens vote, civil rights etc) we just haven’t found the thing yet that will motivate people to change their ways.

    oh, and i didn’t really get the film??

  2. Thanks for the comment. I don’t think the topic is light at all though. I’m sure that there are ‘bigger’ themes out there.

    But I reckon that if you planted this kind of seed in the heads of all the little designers that work in all the little companies in the world some big stuff would come out in the end.

    As for the film. Have you seen the Cadbury’s Gorilla Ad that’s been everywhere recently?

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