5 thoughts on “What to do in Chicago?”

  1. Hmm. Depends on what you like to do.

    I live here in the Chi and can be of service. Lemme know what you’re into and I’ll help you out.

  2. One time while visiting there, I took an architectural boat cruise on the river. You catch it around the Wrigley building and it was awesome.

  3. Billy Goat Tavern under Michigan Avenue by the river. order a chicken sandwich and a pepsi. ;)

    Second the architecture tour!

    Head down to the lake before it freezes over.

    Any steakhouse – Chicago chophouse, Gibson’s, Morton’s – order the biggest in stock and roll yourself home.

    Absolutely do not miss a show at Second City – best improv comedy ever, and where most of the Saturday Night Live guys got their start. Have cocktails and dinner at the upscale “mexican” restaurant across the street

    If you head up North, check out the Green Mill – old Al Capone speakeasy-turned-jazz/swing club. But be warned they sometimes take things a bit too seriously (shushing crowds).

    If you stay up North, head to Carol’s with a group – honky tonk late-night pub that doesn’t get going til midnight or later. band takes requests – hilarious.

    Red-no-five used to be good for late night trouble/dancing, but mainly if you can blag your way into the back

    Wine at the Tasting Room and incredible sushi at Sushi Wabi on Randolph Street.

    Don’t miss exploiting the strength of the pound on Michigan Avenue -for gadgets, there’s an apple store, a stunning Nokia concept store by the river, and some store entirely dedicated to GPS tracking devices.

    Too much! Chicago’s fantastic – people are friendly, and the weather should be above freezing this time of year.

    I lived there for 4 years before moving to London, so happy to help if you need it. enjoy yourself!

    – Courtney

  4. A store just for GPS! OH MY! Sorry, anyhows, I’d say Pequod’s for pizza. If you’ve been to a big city before, then you’ve been to Chicago. Oh, the Bean, check out The Bean.

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