I Like Radiohead More Than I Like Their Music

It’s funny, I sort of want to like Radiohead. But I’m just not that keen on their music. I don’t not like it, but it’s just most of it isn’t that appealing to my ears.

But I like the ‘idea’ of Radiohead. They seem smart and like they’ve got an interesting take on stuff.

A good example is the pricing for their new album. At the moment you can pre-order a download of the album for however much you want to pay. Really.

In the shopping basket you enter the price…

Then if you ask for help it just confirms that the price is up to you:

I’m not sure how it’ll work out for them but I reckon:

  • It’ll get talked about a lot for free, which is good for them
  • Some people will try to get it for as cheap as possible – but they’re the people who’d be trying to get it for free when it comes out (or is leaked) anyway. But at least they’re making those guys think about it…
  • People (like me) who are casually interested in Radiohead (and geeky stuff) might pay a few quid for it – my gut feeling was to pay £3/4 as that’s the value I’ll probably get out of the music.
  • Radiohead fans will pay proper price for it – or more likely if they’re hardcore fans they’ll go for the discbox (see below)

The discbox:

This consists of the new album, in rainbows, on cd and on 2 x 12 inch heavyweight vinyl records. A second, enhanced cd contains more new songs, along with digital photographs and artwork. The discbox also includes artwork and lyric booklets. All are encased in a hardback book and slipcase.

So it’s a perfect ‘fan item’ priced at £40 and made to order. Plus you get download rights too.

I like.

7 thoughts on “I Like Radiohead More Than I Like Their Music”

  1. This is funny, the truth is it’s probably worth £13 in their view but I like Radiohead about as much as you (meaning I think they’re ok but I never obsessed with them like some people) and just listen to some of their songs occasionally…for some reason I think we’ll be hearing from them again after this ‘experiment’

  2. They love it. They know it’ll really put the fear of God into the record labels they go against. It opens up a can of worms, too.

    Can I now download their previous albums from a torrent (and thus for free) if I add an extra bit of money onto this download?

    Will the combined money raised divided by the amount of people give us an insight into the amount of money peopel think an album is worth?

  3. I like the idea more than their music. hope the new album will change that.

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