O2 doesn’t support Macs, but does have the iPhone. Odd.


I wonder how that might change O2s policy on not supporting Apple Macs.

I had a very odd conversation with someone in O2 customer support the other day where they told me that they didn’t support Macs. Apparently, according to the lady I was speaking with, they only support Hewlett Packards. Which I thought was strangely cute.

So I actually wrote a letter (like on real paper!) to O2 pointing out that this might not be a clever thing if they’re going to be stocking the iPhone. But sure enough I got a reply back saying that they don’t ‘fully’ support Macs

we don't support macs

The letter was nice…


But in my experience the actual support people simply said, “no we don’t support macs” and that was the end of it.

It would seem a little odd to be making lots of noise about working with Apple and the iPhone, yet at the same time not supporting their products in the same way they support PCs…

If you want to see the full contents of their letter…

Page 1.

Page 2.

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