Showing Off Is Bad For You

sore hand

I’ve got a hurty thumb. It’s my own fault. I tried to demonstrate that I can support my own weight on my fingers and walk around. And it’s true, I can. Or rather I could. Just another sign that I break more easily than I used to. I’m sure I used to be indestructible. Now my thumb makes a funny pop-noise and bends a funny way when I try to show off. Ouch.

So typing is slower and more painful and other odd things are really hard. Pulling up socks is oddly very tough. As is doing up a button fly on your trousers.

As well as making me realise how many simple things we take for granted I’ve mastered a couple of new skills, texting and eating with my left hand for example.

I’m sure it must be good exercise of some kind…

3 thoughts on “Showing Off Is Bad For You”

  1. I am feeling your pain, I got on the wrong end of cutting an English Muffin on Sunday and took five stitches to my middle finger (non dominant hand thank god).

    I’ve modified my typing, but miss my bionic women speed that I’m accustomed to – anything typed by me in the first two days was a labor of love.

  2. I’m not sure I want you doing up the button fly on my trousers.

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