Fosters Do a Bad Thing

I clicked on a banner today. I probably click on 2/3 a month. I’ve no idea if this is low or high or average. I’ve never seen any stats about the number of banners that the average person clicks on. Has anyone else?

Anyway, I digress.

Here’s the ad I clicked on.

fosters ad

It’s probably not that hard to guess why I clicked on it: the promise of 4 free lagers. Now I guessed I’d have to submit some details or something so that I could get a coupon on suchlike. I was prepared for that.

I wasn’t prepared for this:

fosters site

A user generated competition where I can upload cool vidz of my mates mucking about. Woo hoo! UGC at it’s very lamest. AND NO FREE LAGER! No mention of free lager. Not even a ‘sorry all the free lager is gone’. Just nothing.

That made me a bit cross. It’s the kind of thing that gives online advertising a bad name ;-)

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