Why I Like This QR Code Poster

I like this QR code poster. Here’s the reason why:

  • It’s very big, so you can take a photo of it from across the road. Good usability.
  • It’s mulit-layered. If you don’t know what a QR code is, it doesn’t matter, it just looks like a big fucked up cyber-apocalyptic thing with a 28 Weeks Later logo in the middle – and you see the URL.

I’m guessing that given the location (Shoreditch High Street), 15% of the people who see the poster will know what a QR code is. 22% of that 15% will have a phone that can read QR codes. Of the remaining audience 19% will bother to photograph and read the QR code (because they’re hardcore nerds and they want to know what it does).

I’ve no idea what it does because my phone doesn’t have the right software. I still quite like it though…

Update: I now know what the poster says coz Antony told me in the comments and Greg from work also sorted it – when you decode the QR thingy it says “It’s back on DVD September 10th” in plain text, which is a little disappointing – they could have at least made a flesh eating zombie virus melt my phone or something ;-)

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  1. It says just in clear text

    “It’s back on DVD September 10th”

    I think they could have done a whole lot more with this. Such as a trailer of the DVD or where the nearest stockist to where the code is located, wallpapers etc.

    Very disappointing to see the first major foray into QR Codes in the UK stopping so short of its potential.

    Iain, did you take this pic or did you find it somewhere else?

    Keep up the great blog by the way, very informative :)

  2. Iain,

    Thanks for the blog post1 The QR Code thingy for 28WL was my idea. I’ve been dorking out about QR Codes for a little while now, so thought it’d be a good idea to try and get it happening in the real world.

    The reason the message within the code is so simple is that, well, no one knows what QR Codes are yet (apart from geeks, that is). We decided to take the Nolan Bushnell route when he invented ‘Pong’. Though computers were capable of much more complicated games than ‘tennis’, he figured he’d better start out simple so people could get the hang of it… So, a simple message in the code for the first public use of QR in the UK is the best way to go… It’s up to the rest of the geeks to start playing with it after this!

  3. that is dissapointing that it only says that.

    I kind of completely disagree with giagia – I believe kind of people that would have QR installed on their phone are exactly the kind that would be up for something a bit more challenging and interesting. Not a huge puzzle or anything, but at least a unique URL or something?

    Also, it should provide a small amount of measurability to the campaign – otherwise how will you know how many people have used the QR?

    anyway, sorry to be negative, props for using the new technology, it’s more advanced than what I’ve done on mobile anyhow!

    I can’t wait to start using stuff like this.

  4. I agree both with Anthony and Gia – we all know that it’s important to keep it simple, but the information could have been more rewarding for the interaction, even if it’s more interesting copy or a free wallpaper or something.

    But getting a client of this stature to do this QR code thing is something we’ve all been trying to do in mobile for a while, so I doff my cap to Gia.

    Love the blog, Iain – we should do a beer again soon.

  5. I suppose there is still one issue Gia and the brands she is working with are concerned about is peoples perceptions of the mobile interent. It seems in the UK people are still reluctant to go online and there are heaps of scams all the time. I agree though that if handled correctly the impact of the message can be extremely powerful.

    Mark F we’ve been working with QR Codes for a while now in Australia and from our research the guys that do all the stuff in Japan (3GVision) have the best reader by far, it works well and on most newish handsets, they are currently marketing it as i-nigma and we’ll be doing some more cool stuff with it soon both in Australia and the UK.

  6. I love this because its turned QR codes in to a multi purpose thing, its part visually interesting on its own and fits in with the brand, its huge size is part of the idea.

    Functionally, in the US anyway, QR codes are not being picked up because you have to have software on your phone already or you have to download first but that is an extra step people won’t take.

    So while a lot of people talk about QR codes or bar codes in marketing, until phones are equipped with the recognition software its not that useful.

    That said, if a mobile carrier took the initiative and installed that software they’d have a great advantage and could start promoting the use of codes…in their own marketing or others…


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  8. Thanks,
    I’m seeing these pop up everywhere these days. Probably 'cos more phones have the software pre installed. It’s a neat way to quickly get people to your site from a camera phone.
    Another nice site for generating QR codes straight to tshirts is http://coolqr.com/tshirt.html. They also have other quirky QR products, like a QR rubber stamp!

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