4 thoughts on “Nike Nooooooooooooooooo!”

  1. 110% agree with 7 deadly sins. BUT i am wearing the re-run model and I love them 110% as well :-) and no. i am not a paid nike enthusiast, but the vintage kicks are the most comfortable ones. yeah.

  2. I don’t disagree Ian, but for some reason the Nike site sort of works for me, despite the design. Maybe it’s because everything else they do is so far away from their real authentic running core, while this isn’t.

    Or, maybe it’s just the moustaches.

  3. Minisuper – don’t get me wrong, nice shoes!

    Paul – it does kind of work stylistically, but there’s a few of things about it that are very broken. Go and have a play with the ‘caption generator’ at the ‘end’ of the site (see that’s so wrong in itself). Then try typing in Mass, or Scunthorpe? You’ll see that the sweary filter has been implemented very badly…

    But it is quite retro-cool in a way, sort of.

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