Interactive Visualisation

I love this a lot. It’s basically an interactive way of showing how CEO’s salaries have risen in relation to the average worker. Of course a graph or table could have done the job adequately. It just really brought the data to life for me.

The Conde Naste Portfolio site that it comes from was a real surprise to me. A nicely designed business/investing site that has lots of lovely interactive bits and bobs.

I can’t remember where I found this link to this, but I owe someone a tip of the hat…

3 thoughts on “Interactive Visualisation”

  1. Yacco showed me that yesterday. I do like it a lot but I think it would be funnier if it was his balls getting bigger, kind of like rod stewart’s arse in that famous kenny everett clip.

    Actually the only thing that worries me about it is the simplification of a very complex subject. It’s all very well when it’s something ‘right on’, like CEO compensation, but we’d probably be a little less pleased if this kind of one-dimensional view of data was applied to something we didn’t agree with.

    What i’d like to see is interactive infographics that somehow explained complex relationships, because that’s what the world is really like, rather rather than this kind of linear progression.

  2. oooo pretty! Why don’t more websites do this Iain?

    Interactive stuff like this makes the website experience so much more interesting, collaborate, user controlled…


    Sean – check out Gapminder for some awesome, complex, data visualisation.

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