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I was looking at Dan’s Twitter feed earlier and I saw that he’d noted (whilst at Glastonbury) that the Klaxons sounded like, as I think he put it: “a bag of cats”. I went back to try and find the tweet as I agreed with it so wholeheartedly (and it had made me chuckle). But it seemed to have vanished off the front page, so I went back a page.

And I saw these two posts:

dan b’s twiter

This may seem really silly, but I’ve also been stopped from taking photos in Whole Foods Market (in NY) as well as in Bill’s. So that was one thing. But I’ve also listened to the music of Ricardo Villalobos and it’s made me wonder about odd concepts too.

And I had another moment of Twitter Bonding with Dino a few weeks ago. He’d twittered about being in a club listening to Francois K, and I’d been listening to the same DJ earlier on in the day on my iPod. Which suddenly made the world feel very small very quickly.

Just a couple of rubbish co-incidences you might say, and maybe you’re right.

But I think that might be why micro-blogging is so interesting. It throws up many more instances of coincidence and serendipity. So the banality of ‘what I’m doing now’ when it’s networked with other people who might be doing similar things at similar times actually has a role and a purpose, even if it is a hugely transient sense of belonging.

5 thoughts on “Twitter Serendipity”

  1. That’s an interesting observation – Maybe, It would be cool if Twitter somehow automatically showed you the people who were twittering about the same thing?

  2. excellent! I love ‘transient sense of belonging’. And the Klaxons really did sound like a bag of cats. ;-)

  3. That’s really interesting. I’m constantly being bombarded with coincidences like that, this last year. One of my theories is that actually the density of our information & social networks creates apparent coincidences as side effects. That doesnt explain why the bloke sitting opposite me at an internet founders dinner a month ago turned out to have a son in my son’s class at school though! people keep saying it’s a small world. The sci fi version would be that because of the computing costs of running this very realistic simulation called life, a server somewhere is running a massive compression thing where they cut down on the variations :J

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