Chemical Brothers ‘Shop’ in London

Not sure quite how I feel about this. I like it. But I’m not sure it’s a very good use of money. I’m trying to make it a better use of their money by blogging about it.

Chemical Brothers Shop

The Chemical Brothers have taken over a disused shopfront to promote the launch of their new album ‘We Are the Night’. It’s basically just a shopfront with a screen in it showing a video. And you can also text in to get sent some mobile goodies. And you’re supposed to be able to turn on bluetooth to get sent a free download. Which I tried. But nothing seemed to come. Which was a shame.

I’ve used Google’s nifty MyMaps feature to create: Google Map that shows exactly where it is (in case you care).

4 thoughts on “Chemical Brothers ‘Shop’ in London”

  1. I like it too. Great idea, though they should really think of something more interesting inside than just a screen playing a video?

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