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My review:

Interesting2007 = FunTed

350 smart blogger types in a room watching some of the best (and most random) presentations I’ve ever seen. Whatever I say or show, someone else is going to do it better. Best places to look for more would be: Russell’s Interesting Category and The Interesting2007 Wiki.

Too many highlights to mention. A really great day out that must be repeated. Although not too often or my brain will fill up and start leaking goo. Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved.

Only downside was that I didn’t get to chat to everyone I wanted to. There were so many people I said ‘I’ll catch up with you later’ and didn’t. Or waved to and didn’t get a chance to properly talk to. I felt we couldn’t go for drinks later, but the train home to Brighton was calling…

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  1. I know what you mean – walking across the square at lunch I knew that i recognised the blonde guy walking towards me but couldn’t place you as he with whom I’d had a brief chat on the balcony at PSFK. My quizzical stare or perhaps just my weirdness clearly alarmed your companion so I thought i better put her mind at rest!

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