Loop Festival Brighton

Loop Festival

A celebration of Digital Culture they say – I reckon some crappy music coming out of laptops and a knackered old projector that no-one can see properly in the sunlight.

Actually I reckon it’s going to be rather good. Some of the musical turns that are appearing are quite spiffing.

The Loop Festival – Saturday 18th August. I’m going. But then it is just down the road from my house in Brighton.

3 thoughts on “Loop Festival Brighton”

  1. Why don’t people running things like this put things in bloody upcoming.org as a matter-of-course???!!! Would take them two minutes and get them a lot of link-love (more than a confusng flash site that doesn’t tell you that much but plays some nice muzak…)

  2. That’s a very good point.

    It’s funny but upcoming isn’t something that’s been on my radar until very very recently. I think the world needs to know about it more.

  3. I also think this is going to be pretty good, I hear Fujiya and Miyagi have now been confirmed and bands Like Foals, Aliens and the full Bonobo band are about as far away from Laptop music as you can get.

    Not sure what’s going on with the digital arts bits but that all appears to be in the Sallis Benney, so if you want to see it you should be able to.

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