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psfkI’m enjoying the PSFK conference in London right now.

I just did my talk about 10 Reasons Why Digital Is Better Than Advertising. But you’ll all be bored sick of that by now. It was quite nerve racking. But I got through it.

Hugh MacLeod just did a really great talk about his Stormhoek adventures. Really inspiring. And a proper manifestation of some of the stuff in the Cluetrain Manifesto (one of my favourite books).

The rest of the day has been great too. A real inspiration.

8 thoughts on “PSFK Today”

  1. I enjoyed your talk very much. Not coming from a marketing side the comparison between digital and advertising was a little wasted on me, but I thought your ‘top 10’ was pretty cool and general-purpose anyway (except obviously for number 1 – ‘you don’t have to do advertising’). Cheers.

  2. Really enjoyed your stuff – brilliant. Don’t agree with all of it, but many many fair points and passionately presented!
    Enjoy the sunshine this weekend

  3. thought i commented on this. and it disappeared. possibly dreamt it. anyway. yours was one of my favourites. very nice talk.

  4. You didn’t look at all nervou and I thought it was the highlight of the day.

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