It’s silly season.

I don’t know where to start with this. I don’t think I can describe it. Basically there’s a new trend for putting ‘baddly spelld capshunz’ over odd photos. If they’re photos of cats (or katz) they’re called LOLcats, if they’re whales, they’re called LOLwhales, even LOLgays has a big scene.

Like I said, I can’t explain it. So you’re going to have to see it for yourself:


I’ll say no more.

Explore the phenomenon for yourself at Buzzfeed:
and Gawker has something to say on it too.

Looks like is the daddy. But I’m not sure I’m qualified to comment.

7 thoughts on “LOLwhut?”

  1. is the best in my opinion, but a lot more adult and you have to dig around a bit to find the gold. They categorise it all into it’s bizarre niches such as “surprise buttsechs”, “I made you a cookie, but I eated it”, and there’s loads of cats too.

  2. I thought it started on Macrochan, but then i read somewhere it started on IRC on some board that was taken over by cats. Although having read it I think it might have been humans pretending to be cats.

  3. Yes, icanhascheezburger has apparently been spreading around his seed…

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