10 Reasons Why Digital is Better Than Advertising – Number 6

Maybe there's less to lose?

It’s interesting to see the difference between digital people and advertising people right now. There’s a whole lot of smugness going on. Ad people are smuggly going “we’ve got the clients” ears (hopefully not in boxes in a gangster way, but you never know), we’ve got the budgets, we’ve got the big ideas, we’ve got the best creative talent, we’ve got deep pockets”, which all sounds pretty good. But there’s a something in their confidence that make you wonder if they’re actually just a little bit scared…

On the other hand digital people are smugly sitting there saying “you don’t get it, you’ll never get it”.

Both are wrong and arrogant. And I do wonder who’s got the most to lose. I’m guessing that because ad agencies have got the bigger budgets they’ve got more to lose. But I suppose little agencies could lose everything if the game goes against them…

But let’s hope that no-one has to lose out out and everyone gets to do the stuff they love. Maybe together, maybe not.

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