Blogging Without Writing

I don’t think I’ve ever written about Tumblelogs before. Partly because I didn’t think I could figure out what they were or why they existed. But I think I’ve finally sussed it with a bit of help from this Wikipedia definition of Tumblelog.

Tumblelogs are basically blogs for people with ADD. You don’t actually have to write any commentary. They’re just a way of posting lots of stuff fast. Which has the potential to be a really great platform – or a really shocking one in the wrong hands ;-).

In some ways they’re almost like a cross between a blog and Twitter – sort of…

Now there’s a great tool which enables you to set up a Tumblelog really really fast – I’ve just put one together in well under half an hour. The tool is called Tumblr and it’s great! Really clearly and cleanly put together.

If you’re someone who’s been thinking about starting some kind of blog, but is scared about having to write too much stuff I can’t recommend Tumblr enough. Sure it doesn’t have comments and things like that – but that’s the point, Tumblelogs are a quick-and-dirty-stream-of-consciousness-type-of-blog and you don’t want other people mucking that up do you?

And whaddya know Tumblr has been built by Davidville the guys who built the fantastic Senduit that I blogged about a while ago.

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3 thoughts on “Blogging Without Writing”

  1. I had a play with tumblr too. I wanted to create a kind of live notes page and thought I could maybe use spinvox’s spin to blog thing, plus tumblr. That’d be handy. But it doesn’t seem I can.

  2. Right, I’m going to get stick for this I know, but surely, if you’re someone who’s been thinking about starting some kind of blog, but is scared about having to write too much stuff, then shouldn’t you be thinking twice about starting some kind of blog? Rather than just pumping out reams more of the junk that already stuffs up search engines with endless self-referential guff propagated by a small crowd of bloggers bigging up each others’ junk without adding any real value to a sea of endless ,links and throwing up so much chaff that the genuine wheat gets even harder to find? And if so, shouldn’t we be positively discouraging tools that make it even easier for people to do this?

    Just, you know, a thought.

  3. Russell – tublr seems to take feeds so their might be a way of hacking it with something in the middle of Spinvox and it… Or maybe not.

    Igor, I get what you’re saying, but shut up ;-)

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