Virgin Media, Slight Redemption

As some of you noticed a couple of people from Virgin posted in the comments on my post. Which was pretty good. So I got in touch. They dealt with my problem quickly and efficiently. And now I’m online with Virgin Media broadband. It all seems to be working really well.

The people I spoke to were duly apologetic and at the same time recognised that what I’d gone through was completely unacceptable.

One up for the power of blogs perhaps? I wonder how difficult it would have been to resolve using the ‘normal’ channels. Maybe it would have got sorted anyway, who knows?

[For anyone who cares it looks like the problem came about because I made a switch from Telewest to NTL (on account of moving house) – then 1/2 way through the transition NTL changed into Virgin Media, which I guess does sound a bit confusing and perhaps a rare case. But something didn’t work quite right…]

2 thoughts on “Virgin Media, Slight Redemption”

  1. Glad it’s sorted Iain – enjoy your broadband.


    Alex Brown
    Senior Product Manager
    Product Management, Virgin Media

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