iCal and Google Sync

At last a 2 way sync between Google Calendars and iCal on my Mac.

Now wherever I update my calendar it can be reflected between the two places. And you can sync up multiple calendars. Seems to work really well. Still in beta, and soon to come sync-ing of address book too. Spanning Sync. It’s going to turn into a paid for service at some point, but for now it’s a freebie.

Added: I love the fact that entrepreneurial companies keep an eye on what people are saying – and as Charlie points out in his comment it is worth pointing out that this really is a beta, I know everything is in beta these days, but it does mean there might be errors, so be careful and back up your stuff. Calendars are important.

4 thoughts on “iCal and Google Sync”

  1. Iain,

    Thanks for the link, and for posting a screenshot with our new icon! I’m fglad it’s working well for you, but I want to make it clear that Spanning Sync is in beta, which means it has bugs–bugs that corrupt or destroy you calendars. So while we welcome as many beta testers as we can get, they should understand the risks involved.


  2. Great product, but shame about the pricing now it’s out of Beta – $25 for a year of $65 for life – that’s way too much!

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