Second Life Sex, Get it Here…

Yuk. I just looked at my stats. And it turns out that the Google search term that brings most people to my blog is…

“Second Life Sex”

Damn, I’ve just realised that by even writing the term again, I’ve probably increased my google ranking. I’m not sure how happy I am being on the virtual sex tourist trail. Mind you I suppose it’s better than last year when the top Google search was ‘Making Crack’.

5 thoughts on “Second Life Sex, Get it Here…”

  1. You think that’s bad? The search that frequently brings visitors to my blog is “playpen porn”. What’s going on there? Is that babyism or something more sinister?

  2. You git! You’ve now just solied my blog with p**p*n p**n. Don’t try and palm off your google-perverts onto me. Else I’ll be over your way commenting on SL s*x… ;-)

  3. As if it wasn’t soiled by Second Life Sex (there’s another mention for Google) already.

    Well, now you have a dilemma. You can either delete the comment and break a blogging rule of thumb, or leave it in there and remain uncensored. :-)

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