Blog Recruitment Rules, OK…

Buzz and me with our new ‘mystery’ creative director

A follow up to the Poke Seeking Creative Director post…

In short, rather than doing normal job advertising, or going through recruitment consultants, I wrote a ‘job ad’, then Nik and I put it on our blogs to see what would happen. Well guess what happened? Lots of interesting people got in touch…

We’ve had a great time meeting a range of brilliant people. Some who we’re speaking to about other jobs. Some we’re talking about collaborating with. And with others we just had a nice chat and collectively decided that it was nice to meet up, but the timing and opportunity wasn’t quite right just now.

The biggest thing that I’ve taken away from this though is about interestingness. We’ve done an extensive study and found that the applicants who’ve come through our blogs have been 34% more interesting than candidates who come through other means. Thus demonstrating that it’s not just bloggers who are attempting to be interesting, blog readers have an inherent interestingness too. Which is nice!

Oh, and we did find one in the end. But you’ll have to wait a little while before it’s all made official (you can almost see him above). Awesome!

(Plus, blog hook-ups also brought the lovely Asi to Poke too – which is a double tick for blogs as unofficial recruitment devices that get you great people).

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