Crisp NPD for Kettle Chips

kettle chips party packI’m a bit of crisp junkie as I’ve said before (even post the drinking oil advert that put me off a bit).

So I’m a bit biased, but I like this thought. Buy this Kettle Chips party box online for $19.99 which contains:

  • Five 5 oz. bags of People’s Choice chips, one of each flavor
  • “A Taste of Putumayo: Music for Every Palate” world music sampler CD
  • trivia postcards
  • voting ballots
  • food pairing ideas, drink recipes and a premium chip clip

Then you can go online at and vote for your favourite of the 5 limited edition flavours with a chance to win a decent prize.

It’s maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but in terms of getting crisp lovers to get involved with new product development I quite liked it.


One thought on “Crisp NPD for Kettle Chips”

  1. But hang on… I’m paying $20 to give them market research and help them test new products? Surely I should get free crisps for that much dosh (even if I can win a massive holiday)?

    Nice box though. Have you ordered one?

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