Forrester: YouTube is goin’ down

youtube going downA Forrester blog (Devices, Media, And the Future of Everything) has a post from one of their analysts that predicts that copyright will be the downfall of YouTube. He draws parallels with what happened to old-Napster. Certainly an interesting point of view: YouTube is goin’ down

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2 thoughts on “Forrester: YouTube is goin’ down”

  1. Hey Asi,

    I totally agree with you. But it feels like there’s an even sided debate going on right now. There’s some YouTube bashing (mainly around copyright issues), but I think it’d only be a fool who would deny what YouTube has accomplished. And the speculation of $1.5bn valuations would seem to show that there’s some people who agree on it’s importance.

    Before YouTube I’d argue that video wasn’t really taken seriously as a unit of web currency. Certainly user generated video wasn’t. Now it’s the hot shit all around town.

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