When good ads go bad…

I like the new advert for 3. The one for free Email and IM on your phone. If you’ve not seen it, here it is:

I was really really disappointed when I opened up my weekly Zoo magazine (it’s a work thing, honest) to see this press version of the ad. Actually I wasn’t disappointed by the advert itself, the press ad is fine. See below:

What made me almost spew was the thing they’d stuck over the top. A postcard. A postcard with stickers on it where you can ‘create your own message’. A bit of a horrible thing in it’s own right. Pointless and fiddly. And just another thing to drop on the newsagent’s floor.

I’m guessing that the Zoo audience is at the younger end of 3’s target. So of course the natural content for this postcard is skateboarding!?! I mean what else could it be? (Apart from breakin’ of course).

Here’s the front:

Here’s the back (the stickers are the words on the left):

Completely at odds with the rest of the creative. And ‘Grind to Email’, what on earth is that about? Next they’ll be asking us to “Ollie down to your local 3 store now”, or “Nosebone over to three.co.uk”.

Looks like someone’s been to the Youth Marketing conference I blogged a while ago ;-)

I don’t really enjoy negative blogging. But sometimes I can’t help myself. Especially when I see something nice get reduced to something horrible.

2 thoughts on “When good ads go bad…”

  1. Funnily enough I was looking for that TV ad last week on YouTube to post something about how great it is to find a great TV ad and how the other 95% of advertising sucks big time and blah blah blah…

    While the print extension feels ridiculous indeed, I’d still give them some points for experimenting. I’m no skater myself and can’t appreciate how lame it is – does it really feel like 3 are crushing the skaters party with a funny hat and fiddly talk? if so then you’re 100% right.

    For me it feels simply useless.


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