Holidays, Blitzen and Blogsitting

It’s been a few days. But I am on holiday.

For some reason whenever I go away people say “you’re always on holiday”, but I promise I’m not. Regardless here’s where I am: Algund-Lagundo – it’s a lovely place, but slightly odd; it’s in Italy, but everyone speaks German. I’ll bore you with some holiday thoughts and pics later.

Anyway this time I decided to take my laptop with me, just for emergencies you understand. But when we arrived I was told that lighting had hit the internet (my poor translation from the German, but not a million miles off). When I called work on Monday and told them I couldn’t get online I really did feel my excuse was about as far fetched as the dog having eaten my homework.

My biggest regret about not being able to get online was that Mike Coulter who writes the excellent Digital Agency blog was going to blogsit for me. But I didn’t get round to sorting it before I left :-( When Mike and I were emailing about it I thought the idea of blogsitting was pretty interesting, then I discovered that it was old hat:

3 thoughts on “Holidays, Blitzen and Blogsitting”

  1. Iain, no biggie about the blogsit.

    Although I had tracked down an ‘Iain Tait’ looky-like, mop-top, Beatle type, blond wig, to wear when I posted. And had some ‘ad-libs’ already written, about Prada lederhosen holiday outfits, Wi-edelweiss-fi connections in the mountains.

    All of which means it is probably just as well the blogsit didn’t come to pass ;-)

    In fact, I had bugger all time to post on my own blog last week, and actually had to back date some posts I wrote this weekend, so it didn’t look too gappy.

    There, I’ve said it, I’m outted. And have probably broken some bloggers code about only posting in real time and not post dating. (Bit like my cheques really.)

    Oh well.

    Good to have you back in the blog orbit.

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