Bonfire Of The Brands

burning sneakers.jpgNeil Boorman (ex-editor of ex-Sleazenation, Shorditch Twat and other titles I’m sure) is writing a book called: Bonfire Of The Brands

As part of his experience he’s burning all of his branded goods in a big bonfire as part of re-evaluating his lifestyle. If you’re thinking ‘Oh no! Another Adbuster/No-Logoist’, don’t. You can tell that Neil has a lot of love for brands and that he’s going to find it quite hard to do this. In his own words:

Brands are wealth creators; they provide employment across the globe, and ultimately they make our lives infinitely more comfortable. So I have been keen to avoid the No Logo supporters’ calls to ‘bring it all down’. Yes, I am burning all my own branded possessions, and I will be attempting to live my new life brand-free, but the book is really an experiment to see if it is actually possible to disconnect from branded consumerism.

The blog he’s running is really interesting. His view of the world seems to be considered and realistic (in spite of wanting to burn £1,000s worth of stuff).

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  1. Hello
    thanks for posting my site here… and for not giving the common knee-jerk reaction that the project is a sensationalist brand bashing excercise.

    Much appreciated!

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