Fashion Vs Style Vs Pop Video

FCUK vs EuroPop
Compare and contrast: French Connection’s new advert is not a million miles away from this pop video from last year (damn, that song is really really bad!).

Thanks to Emil for the tip – came up in an IM conversation about originality in ideas.

Update: Song is by GrooveCutters (sorry guys, the track’s just not my thing), and they’re not all that happy about the whole affair; according to Ad-Rag.

One thought on “Fashion Vs Style Vs Pop Video”

  1. Imagine that you’ve seen this story by now: Apple’s new Intel inside ad is a strangely-accurate hommage to the “Such Great Heights” video for The Postal Service, again made by the same director.

    Here’s a blogpulse chart that charts the launch of the new Apple campaign, and the subsequent story.

    Is this a trend? Should I just go out and get someone to re-shoot the films on their showreel? Will that save time?

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