The Joy of Stats…

Whilst checking my lovely new easy-to-read stats package ‘Mint’, I noticed that an old friend and colleague had linked to me. A click later and hey-presto Kief Morris is alive and well. And he’s even said a nice thing or two about me and my wee blog! (But Kief, sorry mate, I ain’t no Design Director. Take a look around, does this site look like it’s been properly designed!) ;)

Thank you stats, thank you links, and thank goodness there’s only a few people visiting the site or I might never have spotted Kief passing through.

4 thoughts on “The Joy of Stats…”

  1. Hey Iain, sorry, I get Creative and Design confused. Whaddaya want, I’m a left-brainer!

    BTW, speaking of design (or creativity, or HTML at least) you’ve got some broken linkage – if you’re viewing an article and click on your “about” link, it’s relative to the article’s URL, so gets a 404.

    Do you know of any other Syzygy alums who are blogging?

  2. Yeah, busted! I’m not an HTML person either – but I’ve fixed my errors (well this one anyway) – cheers mate.

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