The Perils of Sponsorship


If you sponsor ‘documentaries’ as a genre. Or even if you sponsor catch-up TV it could happen. You may end up inadvertently sponsoring a program about a guy who dies whilst being loved by a horse.

Reminds me of a ‘funny’ situation where we sponsored a B3TA newsletter and our promotion for a financial services client ended up next to a rather interesting quiz called “Funnel Or Tunnel”. I’m not going to link to it, but it can be found via the usual search engines. If you feel compelled to, you must be warned, it is, in capital letters, NSFW.

Morris Dancing – Just Do It?


Yesterday my life was changed. I saw street Morris Dancing. Well it was just ordinary Morris Dancing. But in the street. I’m sure there’s room for updating this old fashioned art – perhaps mashing it up with some rude drum and bass styles. Or something like that.

Actually it was just really good fun as it was. For about half an hour a small pocket of our local community had a bit of a laugh together with no pretensions of cool or age or anything. People just laughed and jumped around a bit.

Because of the role of Morris Dancing as a really important social glue. I think there’s a huge opportunity for the big global sportswear brands to get in on the act. I noticed that the Black Reebok Classic (or variants thereof) appears to be the shoe of choice of today’s Morris Man:


However there was a clear competitive advantage shown by the guy wearing Nikes:


That guy could be the Jordan of Morris Dancing – I kid you not!

If you want to see more pictures of men and sticks and small St George flags I’ve got a Flickr set here:

Sophie and I even had a go. But thankfully there are no pictures. I hope.