Netvibes Rocks – Harder

Netvibes (my favourite Web 2.0 personal homepage maker) has just added a whole raft of brand new features and enhancements. The most significant of which is a whole new ‘community site’:

It’s like a feed directory, but it also gives you the ability to add groups of feeds as handy tabs. So you could add a whole, pre-made, news tab (for example) which would group together a load of news feeds in one convenient page. The site also features widgets, events and podcasts. In true Web 2.0 style you can rate, share, blah, blah, blah…

And if you’re feeling like being a creator, you can add your own feeds, tabs, widgets, events or podcasts to the library.

If you’re a Netvibes user you can easily add Crackunit to your start page just by clicking the button below. If you’re not a Netvibes user, click it anyway, it’d be a great way to get your page started ;-)
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