Sad but Inevitable

I saw this on Hoxton Square yesterday:


It’s a sort of postbox ‘art project’ where people can put in messages (or whatever) that other people can take out. I’ve zoomed in on their manifesto:


Quite sweet really. You could imagine it working like a localised kind of Post Secret. Here’s the ‘in slot’ and the ‘out door’.


But when you give people the option to put whatever they want into a box like that, what kinds of things do you think they’d put in there? I wondered too. So we took a peek. I saw some flyers for religious stuff and clubs and some pizza menus. Then I heard Igor shriek from behind me. He’d seen the prize gift in the box. Someone had put something horrible in there.

I think you can just make it out from here:


It’s sad that people have to do things like that.

Personally I was doubly disappointed because the girth of the offending item would have meant that it couldn’t have gone into the ‘in slot’ and would have to have been put into the box through the ‘out door’ thus negating any kind of statement that the phantom fecal art terrorist was trying to make. If they’d genuinely wanted to give a turd to someone they could have at least played by the rules…