FS me from FontSmith

I rarely blog about stuff that I get sent in the post, because most of it isn’t very inspiring. But this booklet that I got this morning worked for me on lots of levels…

Here’s why I liked it:

  1. It’s a lovely booklet
  2. They’ve developed a font (in concunction with Mencap) to be super accessible – which is a good thing
  3. In the lovely book I learned some stuff about why it’s super accessible – and some other things about type that I never knew before
  4. They make a donation to Mencap for every license of the font sold

Maybe if you’re actually a designer and not just someone who likes a bit of nice type now and again you wouldn’t be as impressed as me. But I thought this was v. good thing that I wanted to share.

Visit fontsmith.com and check out FS me or a bunch of their other nice work too. Well done chaps.