The Small Things That Make the Difference

I’m visiting a mix on SoundCloud (this one if you care).

The top of the page looks like this:


Then I start playing the mix, and look what happens to my tab:


Spot it? If not let me make it clear…


SoundCloud have always been very good at attention to UX detail and this might seem like just a tiny little thing. But it’s actually really very good. It means that you can spot in a multitude of tabs which one is playing. Love it a lot.

4 thoughts on “The Small Things That Make the Difference”

  1. Haha, great stuff, thanks for the nice post. Appreciated!

    The feedback for this little change has been fantastic, I’ve passed this on to the developer responsible for this.

    Thanks for the post,


  2. Another touch like this that I love is on the iPhone. When you turn it on to “Airplane Mode” the little orange airplane icon flys onto the status bar, replacing the network identifier and signal strength bars. When you turn Airplane Mode off, the little airplane flys off again.

    Small things.

  3. amazing! no more “which tab is it that’s making that noise… amazing noisings or not” only the other week i was wondering (again) about something useful like that. bigup to Sound Cloud to stop wondering and do it! i feel some celebratory beats coming along :-)

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