The reason for Apple’s success? Cats, obviously.

Proving that it was years ahead of its time, Apple had the good sense to put a cat in this Ad from 1981. Everyone thinks that Apple’s success stems from more recent activity. But I’d be willing to bet that it can all be tracked back to their visionary, pre-internet use of cats.

It’s a nice ad about how Apple dealers replaced the roasted keyboard and screen of this computer. From this incredible archive of old Apple print ads:

I particularly like the ‘how stuff works’ approach…

3 thoughts on “The reason for Apple’s success? Cats, obviously.”

  1. Nice

    what do you think about them using the whole 1984 ad in the 80s against the system.
    Then now closing all systems to become what they supposedly stood against

    Just a good ad for the time… or losing there way a bit

  2. God the ad with the burnt out Macintosh takes me back to my first job out of college. I was taken on because I was young and obviously “knew” all about computers, which I did, a bit! But all they gave me was a Macintosh 2 with no hard drive and expected me to run a demanding (for the time) database on it. I couldn’t get it to work and as the salesman of the thing said it would work and as he was a mate of my boss, his word was taken over mine and in the end I was sacked. I consequently hated apple and still do somewhat. Great ads well worth following the links. Pat

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