Did India invent Acid House?

This amazing record seems to have been made in 1982 in India – but no one is 100% sure it’s genuine. There’s rumours that it could have been made by a modern prankster. However, people seem to be coming round to the fact that it’s legit.

UPDATE: Turns out the Guardian did some research on this back in April and it is genuine: http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2010/apr/10/charanjit-singh-acid-house. So Acid House was invented in India. Fact. So there.

Boomkat say:

It was originally made in 1982 by a Bollywood soundtrack composer, intending to capitalise on the disco phenomenon with a combination of centuries-old classical Indian Ragas set to a disco backing. To achieve this Charanjit used a prototypical acid set-up of Roland TB303 bass melody sequencer and TR808 drum computer together with a Jupiter-8 keyboard. He basically created a sound which mirrored, and more importantly, pre-dated the first acid house record – Phuture’s ‘Acid Track’ by five years, and even preceded Chip E’s ‘Jack Trax’ in 1985.

Bleep.com say similar things here: http://bleep.com/index.php?page=release_details&releaseid=24531

Have a listen and see what you think. 1982 or not?

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