Best banner I’ve seen today

This totally stopped me in my tracks and I had to force myself not to click on it.

I know it’s a dirty trick. I don’t know how it’s a trick. I just know it is. And I need to click the banner to find out. Only I know that when I click it I won’t find out. So I didn’t click it. And now I’m just left wondering what the trick is. Or if there is a trick. Or if the trick is just that when I click on it I will never find out what the trick is.
Oh, fuck it. I just clicked on it. And it didn’t tell me how many eyes. Bastards.

3 thoughts on “Best banner I’ve seen today”

  1. Perhaps the dirtiest trick is that you haven’t made it clickable or told us where we can find it! Grrrrrrrr…….

  2. Hahaha! I’ve seen that ad before and I definitely clicked it as well. I didn’t mind though, because I knew someone got paid for it and someone paid for me clicking as well.

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