Capture your entire life with a Vicon Revue

Watching this makes me feel really funny. I love its mundane epicness. It’s so ordinary and everyday, but I can’t help but extrapolate back to birth and forward to death.

The Vicon Revue is:

The wearable digital camera designed to take photos passively without intervention whilst being worn by the user.

Based on Microsoft SenseCam technology, Revue is a research tool aimed at medical researchers as an aid for people with memory loss.

Memento would have been a shit film if this had been around.

6 thoughts on “Capture your entire life with a Vicon Revue”

  1. Did you see what our mutual friends at RIG did for Innocent this weekend?

  2. Ever seen the film The Final Cut with Robin Williams? This thing brought that movie screeching back into my consciousness.

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