The Collapse of Complex Business Models – Clay Shirky

The most watched minute of video made in the last five years shows baby Charlie biting his brother’s finger. (Twice!) That minute has been watched by more people than the viewership of American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, and the Superbowl combined. (174 million views and counting.)

Great piece – also loving: “A world where that is the kind of thing that just happens from time to time is a world where complexity is neither an absolute requirement nor an automatic advantage”.

5 thoughts on “The Collapse of Complex Business Models – Clay Shirky”

  1. Lady Gaga's got a billion views online, and the Zapruder film was “made by amateurs, in one take, with a lousy camera. No professionals were involved in selecting or editing or distributing it. Not one dime changed hands anywhere between creator, host, and viewers.”

    I see what he's saying but think the connection between entertainment content churned out by the hour for behemoth networks searching for megastars to sell ads against and a father-sons Halley's Comet of love caught on a Flip is tenuous. One will not replace the other.

  2. I think that’s what’s interesting. As I read it he understands that both will co-exist in a kind of uneasy equilibrium.

  3. It's a wonder how those little chaps are going to fair when they're older. If they haven't already been used in an advertising campaign of some sort.. I'm guessing that fame awaits them no matter what they do.

    The ouch Charlie guy. Poor kid.

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