When geeks and artists get together cool stuff happens…

What if you got a massive cheer every time you posted to your blog? What if you made the size of the publish button equal to the awesomeness of the act of publishing? What if the number of subscribers your blog gets was humanized in some way?

Artist Evan Roth and WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg not only conceived of this crazy stuff, but actually built, implemented and rolled out these features in 24 hours (as ‘surprise me’ options in the hosted version of WordPress).

It’s amazing what happens when you put artists and geeks together.

Matt’s post on the new features.
Even’s take on the whole thing.

These guys were just one of the seven pairings at Rhizome’s 7on7 event last week.

Here’s what the New York Times had to say about the event.

All the partnerships came up with really cool stuff, this was just a personal highlight.

Disclosure: W+K were a sponsor / supporter of the event – there’s more to come…

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