Whoops, I signed my blogpost!

Thank you to the ever observant Ben for pointing out the fact that I signed an earlier blog post. I guess that’s the problem with posting stuff in an emaily kind of way. You instinctively sign off at the end. Or rather I do.


7 thoughts on “Whoops, I signed my blogpost!”

  1. Heh. Am I the only person who has a .sig file for their emails, but “signs” their name by typing it manually at the foot every time…?

  2. I use the brilliantly named Typinator for all that stuff so I can easily manage multiple signatures and other stuff I'm fed up with typing out.

  3. I don't know brutha Lain but I believe in signing your posts. It certainly doesn't hurt for google SEO and “Lain” branding shhhh. I do firmly believe in signing posts its a form of signature graffiti, like when you visit other blog posts. BTW congrats on your W+K position, my eye is on you :)

    – bendrix

  4. oops I called you Lain instead of Iain. My firmest of apologies. I mistook the capital “i” for a lowercase “L” sorry about that. I don't capitalize my name sometimes. I guess we both did something we didn't mean to do. Lesson learned :)

    – bendrix

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