Ghostly’s Incredible 110 Albums of the Decade (Now With Spotify Link)

Ghostly's Favorite Albums of the Decade - Ghostly International Media

If I had a much better memory, and was much cooler, this is approximately how my 110 tracks of the decade would look too. It’s a bloody brilliant snapshot of slightly-intelligent-but-not-too-far-up-its-own-arse-electronic music from the noughties.

Read it here – Ghostly International’s Top 110.

Now where did I put that super intelligent page-scrape to Spotify application that I dreamed about…

spotify1.png (204?04)UPDATE: Oh fuck it, I went and made the playlist manually I was so inspired by the list. Spotify has a decent amount of these albums on there – surprising given the relative obscurity of a lot of it. Warp not being on there does leave quite a few holes though ;-)

2.7 days worth of incredible music – The Ghostly International 110 On Spotify – Happy Christmas!

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