A Lovely Wonderful Connected Infinite Distraction Machine


I just looked at what I was doing and realised that my work was actually all being done on bits of paper. And the computer was really just a big connected distraction machine. A lovely wonderful connected infinite distraction machine.

Maybe the distractions are helping with what’s on my bits of paper. But maybe not.

10 thoughts on “A Lovely Wonderful Connected Infinite Distraction Machine”

  1. Too true. When I look at planners and creatives in agencies, I don’t believe they’re doing any work if they are actually looking at the computer screen.
    (aside from writing up ppts).

  2. Maybe so… my favourite ‘distraction’ story is the Seymour Cray (yes, the supercomputer fella) one…

    “According to John Rollwagen, ex-chairman of Cray research, Seymour Cray used to divide his time between building the next generation super computer and digging an underground tunnel below his Chippewa Falls house. Cray’s explanation of his tunnel digging is consistent with the story of many other creative individuals throughout the ages who have understood the need to go offline periodically. Bottom line, when they’re stuck on a particularly difficult problem, they simply walk away from it for a while. They know, from experience, that more (obsession, focus, effort) is often less (ideas, solutions, results). And so they simply unplug from the challenge they are working on and do something different.

    Explained Cray, “I work for three hours and then I get stumped. So I quit and go to work in the tunnel. It takes me an hour or so to dig four inches and put in the boards. You see, I’m up in the Wisconsin woods, and there are elves in the woods. So when they see me leave, they come back into my office and solve all the problems I’m having. Then I go up (to my lab) and work some more.”

    Explains Rollwagen, “The real work happens when Seymour is in the tunnel.” ”

    (From http://www.ideachampions.com/article_tunnel.shtml)

    So, apparently, elves are doing the work for you on the paper…

  3. It’s amazing isn’t it how hard we make our lives with the ever increasing number of distractions we proactively put in the way of work. And it sometimes means we have to work longer, later and harder because we like the distractions.

    It’s interesting perhaps the order in which priorities are placed in the image and where your eyes are drawn to first.

    1. Work
    2. The internet
    3. Emails
    4. Pictures
    5. Twitter
    6. Spotify

    The image kinda signifies a day in the life of and all our hobbies brilliantly encapsulated in one.


    I think i’m going to repost this on Posterous if I may.

  4. Yes, Computer has done, too many works. We can’t think that. Nowadays, we can’t live without it. Thanks for beautiful posting.

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