I’m A Very Lucky Man Part 1 – The Really Interesting Group

Last FM

I met with Ben yesterday morning and he gave me a lovely gift. A set of DataDecs – Christmas decorations based on my social media data. I can almost hear a global murmer of youwhats. But it’s a really simple and sweet idea…

A lovely gift from the Really Interesting Group

Here’s the shape of my 4 decorations printed inside the card.

The Card - Showing My Stats

The red decoration you can see at the top is my Last FM Scrobbling by month – seems like I’m getting up to speed again after a summer of not listening to so much music during babytime.

This blue decoration shows the apertures I’ve used when taking photos on Flickr:

Flickr Apertures

This shows how many miles Dopplr says I’ve travelled over the last 12 months.

Dopplr Trips - Whoops!

Or rather it shows that I’ve not been using Dopplr this year (sorry Dopplr guys!).

And the size of this snowman’s head shows how many followers I have on Twitter…

Twitter Followers

And here you can see how the shape of my baubles compares with other people’s…

A Key - Showing Where I Sit

My snowman’s head is looking proportionally OK. And I’m certainly proud of my varied use of camera apertures!

Thank you Really Interesting Group – that’s a really interesting Christmas gift.

6 thoughts on “I’m A Very Lucky Man Part 1 – The Really Interesting Group”

  1. Love these, especially the flickr aperture one, and they stand alone as being rather attractive too.

  2. I love these! Followed a tweet from Katie above and I’m glad I did. The Flickr one is the best, but they’re all adorable.

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  4. That is so delightful it makes me want to laugh or cry or shout or something. Utterly brilliant!!!!


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