Nokia Chargers Required – Even In Cannes

You know that email that always goes round that says “does anyone have a Nokia charger”? Even at the world’s most prestigious advertising festival same shit still happens.

Here’s me delivering aforementioned Nokia charger. In a style that feels reminiscent of first person shooter. Maybe Nokia should do a game called ‘charger rescue’? It’d be a nice antidote to all of those super violent killing games we’re all so fond of.

I would write more about what’s going on. But I’ve been locked in a room for days. Twitter is the only way I can communicate with the outside world. Send help…

6 thoughts on “Nokia Chargers Required – Even In Cannes”

  1. I saw a video of the Cybercannes judging room – looked pretty fucking intense. No windows right? Why do it in Cannes when you could do it in Staines.

  2. We used to have the ‘Nokia’ email almost daily, then there was mass confusion on whether it was a skinny or fat end charger. Now the ‘has anyone got a ipod lead’ email seems to be taking over.

  3. Oi, is that my charger? Can’t think what you’d be doing with a Nokia otherwise….

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