The Most Amazing Training Video Ever

How to hand out a free magazine on the streets of London presented by Shortlist’s publisher Mike Soutar…

I LOLed multiple times and had my mouth agog for most of it. Absolute comedy gold. You really couldn’t make that shit up.

“It makes such a difference”

Thank you Holy Moly, I was supposed to be working until your email arrived. Damn you.

10 thoughts on “The Most Amazing Training Video Ever”

  1. Love it. I am going to shoehorn “It makes /such/ a difference” into all my meetings today.

    The scowling harridan who roughly shoved yesterday morning’s ‘ShortList’ into my hand was not wearing her coat and hat with pride. I’m not sure she even had a hat and coat. Tsk, standards are slipping already, Mike.

  2. Mike, it really does make such a difference if you work on presenting your 3 lovely points from memory rather than reading them off a piece of paper held by the camera assistant just to the left of the camera.

  3. A little from that most reliable of sources, Holy Moly on what is probably the greatest presenter since, Hughie Green

    “Selfless, genuine souls like Mike Soutar, Chief executive of ShortList magazine which, despite posting losses of over £2.5m, managed to scrape together enough to pay one of its directors £202,000. Oh, and they paid £300,000 to Crash Test Media for “unspecified services”, which is owned by, yup – Mike Soutar.

    Anyway, at least he is sympathetic about his fellow journalists’ plight…

    “We have been a contributor to a 22-year-old lifestyle brand – Arena – going out of business.”

  4. That’s unbelievable.

    All the Short List people I’ve ever met have been “cheerful, fun and obviously enjoying their work”.

  5. That’s excruciating. I’ve never even heard of Short List not being a Londoner, but it must make *such* a difference to people who read it every week. I think if I see one now I’ll probably take one out of sympathy.

    But in defence of this, I used to have a similar job, and a similar jacket. Mine said ‘promo team’ on the back in orange brush script. It was absolutely rubbish being told to just go out at 7:30 AM with a stack of flyers and no indication of any sort of brand positioning, target market, or any sense of your contribution to the company. This is particular video is pretty patronising, but at least someone’s taken the time to make it.

  6. The trick is to have a playback monitor so that the director/office placement worker who clearly filmed it would have seen this knob-jockey looking off camera at his que cards. What a joker. But very amusing; ‘how not too do it’.

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